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The Bathroom Floors Redo: Lessons in Penny Round Tiles

At R&R, we believe in sharing the lessons from our journey, and a recent project highlighted a unique challenge with penny round tiles and contrasting grout.


Penny round tiles, charming yet inherently tricky to install, posed unexpected hurdles, particularly when paired with contrasting grout. The result? Seams that became more noticeable than anticipated.


Our takeaway? While a contrasting grout color can elevate aesthetics, it may lead to visible seams. Our recommendation: opt for like grout and tile colors for a seamless finish.


Precision is paramount with penny round tiles. This serves as a heads-up for homeowners and industry professionals alike: charming as they are, these tiles come with installation challenges.


As we navigate this learning curve, our commitment to transparency remains unwavering. We share not just successes but also the wisdom gained. Here's to well-informed decisions, precise installations, and enduring spaces.


At R&R, our dedication extends beyond exceptional results—it's about sharing experiences and building spaces that withstand the test of time.


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