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Client Testimonials

Discover the genuine experiences of our clients through their testimonials. Each story reflects the essence of our collaboration – a journey of trust, innovation, and shared success. These testimonials encapsulate the heart of our commitment to exceptional service and client satisfaction. Explore firsthand accounts of our projects and partnerships, and learn how we've transformed visions into realities.

What stands out to my wife and I is the absolute dedication from the entire R&R team to have complete customer satisfaction. From the sales and design process to the final punch list, each step of the way is designed around customer satisfaction. And if we do have a concern, it is alleviated quickly by the team.
John, Jeffrey, Leonard, and James were in our house the most and they all could not have been more professional, courteous, and just great guys to be around. Living through a renovation can be difficult but the R&R team makes it truly a pleasure.
We had a vision of what we wanted our kitchen and laundry room to look like. Robert, Rick, John, and the entire R&R team exceeded our expectations and the finished product is exactly as we envisioned it would be. Thank you R&R team for your expertise, professionalism, and for doing the best work around!! We look forward to the next project soon!

-D. Williams

We've used R&R for multiple projects over the years. Projects big or small, their devotion to quality and design is unmatched!

-D. Davis

We have used R & R for years for our building needs. They are experienced in working with "high-end" materials and designs. They are very creative and meticulous! If something isn't right, they will repair it. they clean up everyday, leaving the homeowner living in remodeled areas with a safe and clean environment! The workers are proficient, friendly, and dressed appropriately.

-L. Deese

R&R did a phenomenal job. They were on time, professional and answered any questions we had regarding the steps in our process. We had a bedroom added onto the existing layout of our home-they provided us with a digital preview of our space before the project began to answer any questions or concerns we may have moving forward in our process. They completed our job beautifully, well-within the given time frame, and the additional room was seamless with the function of our new space.

-P. Trent

We have used R&R for many projects - big and small - over the past decade! They are always wonderful to work with and stand behind their work. They get it done right the first time and deliver a very high quality product/service. Their team is trustworthy, prompt and in general always involves great people! Their experience is vast, and they give guidance when needed so that everyone is happy with the end product/design. From doggie doors, to full kitchen remodels, to water damage, to add-ons, for us this company has been wonderful and is by far the best in West Georgia.

-L. Engel

Our house had a fire from an incompetent contractor putting spray foam in our crawl space. The R&R Build and design team has been a blessing .. Complete restoration from crawl space to attic. We redesigned our floor plan and did many upgrades in flooring, tile , kitchen, fireplace.. All the work has been very well thought out and professionally completed. If an issue arises the team gets it resolved fast and efficiently. We couldn't be happier to have such a great company get us through our rebuild! Thanks R&R !

-E. Uglum

I love the R & R team & everyone we’ve ever worked with. Have had several projects completed with R & R and we are always extremely pleased with the results. The work done recently on our condo in Athens was challenging for all of us since it was over a couple hours away but it went smoothly & turned out perfectly and we could trust that everything was going to be handled as professionally as it always is……even though we weren’t there overseeing things on a daily basis. BIG shoutout to Jenny Greenwood for all of her help with design & advice when making so many decisions! She is so helpful & organized and was wonderful to work with! JT was a huge help too - think he went back and forth on many of the Athens trips and did work / & oversaw all the work! He also oversaw a lot of the work that we recently had done here in Carrollton with a new roof, painting outside of the house, etc.
We are so pleased with all the work that was done recently in Athens at the condo and with the outside of our house here in Carrollton…….absolutely love everything!

-Anonymous Client 

We appreciated the quality and beauty of work, and the personal attention from J.T. We enjoyed the client/business relationship that developed. We also thought highly of Leonard's work.

-Anonymous Client 

With our projects, it truly felt like an all hands on deck experience. We appreciate the level of attention and care from R&R during the execution of our projects. The persistence for quality is truly what I admire and value most from the entire team with whom we had the pleasure to work alongside. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in our projects. We are looking forward to doing something exciting again in the future.

-Anonymous Client 

Loved the professionalism, quality emphasis, and dedication of R&R. Robert and Rick are fully committed to delivering on their commitments! I will definitely use them again! I love my new kitchen, sunroom, and other improvements. Jeff Driver was amazing as the overseer for my project which ran smoothly because of his expertise, attention to details, problem solving, patience and communication skills. These qualities took the stress off my shoulders. Jenny was great to work with and made the design phase easy and fun because of her expertise, excellent sense of style, and strong listening and communication skills. Edwin and Will also deserve mention for their skills and I loved how well they worked with Jeff as a strong team. 

-Anonymous Client 

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