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A company with integrity is one you can trust. Over our 38 years of business, we have been trusted by thousands of homeowners across Georgia. We do not sacrifice this core value for any situation. This core value is what has kept us in business in the communities we serve and will continue to be the foundation of our business as we continue to serve you in the many years to come.


As the times change, so do styles and trends. Here at R&R we believe in being ahead of the curve and creating new ways for you to express your personality in your home. That's why we take each project and tailor our design to make it just as unique as each one of our clients.

Passion For Quality

Showing up and just doing a job is not enough for us. We want to show our quality is not just our finished product. It is every step in our process. From our initial contact to job completion we provide our clients quality customer service, a quality job process and a quality finished product. 


As a family owned and operated business, our team members end up becoming a part of our family and our clients end up becoming life long friends. Our team takes care of your home like we would our own, because we know how much it means to you and your family. 


Our legacy reaches way beyond just the fact that we are a now 2nd generation family business. Our legacy is the difference we make in our community, it's every project we have completed, and it's every satisfied client and relationship we have built over the years. 

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