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The Before, After, And Everything In-Between: A Primary Suite and Closet Renovation Journey

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt like it needed a makeover? That's exactly how these homeowners felt about their primary bedroom and adjacent office space. Outdated and underutilized, these rooms were in desperate need of a transformation. With our expertise in design and remodeling, we were able to turn this lackluster space into a serene oasis that the homeowners now love to retreat to. Let's take a look at how we achieved this stunning before-and-after transformation.

Before: A Dated Primary Suite & Office Space

When we first stepped into the primary room, we were greeted with dark carpet, outdated lighting, and low ceilings that made the space feel cramped and claustrophobic. The room had an exterior door that disrupted the flow, and it lacked symmetry which made it hard to decorate. The next room, an underutilized office, had the same outdated feel.

The Transformation: From Dull to Delightful

To breathe new life into this space, we initiated by rethinking the layout and introducing natural tones for a brighter ambiance. First, we removed an exterior door to enhance the flow of the space and then compensated for the lost natural light by adding another window. This not only restored the room's brightness but also created symmetry by balancing the existing window. We also installed natural wood floors and vaulted ceilings, which not only added dimension and depth but also contributed to the sense of openness. Next, we added a fresh coat of white paint to the walls and ceiling, adding a bright and relaxing ambiance. Additionally, we incorporated an arched door into the bathroom, enhancing architectural interest and elegance.

Transforming the Adjacent Office Space

While renovating the primary suite, we also turned our attention to the adjacent office space, which had been sitting unused and neglected. By building a door through the shared wall, we connected this space to the primary bedroom, creating a seamless flow between the two rooms. We removed the original door that opened into the hallway, ensuring that access to the new room was only through the primary suite. The new primary closet features ample hanging space, a built-in vanity, a lower island designed for sitting, and organization for shoes and accessories.

After: A Serene Oasis

The result of our remodeling efforts is a primary bedroom and closet that feel like a functional and serene oasis. The new floors and vaulted ceilings added brightness and character to the space, while the relocated window created balance. The arched door into the bathroom added a touch of sophistication, and the new closet provided the homeowners with proper storage, added functionality, and additional space.

In Conclusion

Transforming a dated primary bedroom into a serene oasis was no small feat, but with careful planning and attention to detail, we were able to achieve remarkable results. By adding natural wood floors, vaulted ceilings, and architectural features like an arched door, we created a space that the homeowners now love to spend time in. If you're ready to start your primary suite and closet renovation, contact us today to learn how we can help bring your vision to life.


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