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Job Title:

-Painter 1

Mission Statement:

“To leave behind a legacy of quality through every project we complete.”


Core Values:

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Quality

  • People

  • Legacy



The Painter (I) has strong organization and communication skills. A good understanding of painting products, methods and techniques, refined painting skills and the ability to interact with subcontractors and clients.  



The Painter I work schedule is 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on the job site with 1 hour for lunch. The standard work week is Monday through Friday, but this position may require altered hour as a result of project schedules or rain days. Altered hours will be communicated on a case by case basis. Pay is on a weekly basis. The pay period runs Sunday-Saturday.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Able to produce high quality paint finishes at the highest level with minimal direct supervision.

  • Able to understand blueprint drawings and written specifications. Also understand work orders, change orders and all other painting related job documents.

  • Perform all paint related job functions to company’s standard of quality and according to the plans and specifications. Bring discrepancies and special conditions to the attention of the Sales Staff and Project Manager.

  • Able to use and troubleshoot all painting equipment with minimal oversight

  • Have knowledge and understanding of best practices with equipment, materials methods, and tools used in the painting trades.

  • Ensure jobsite safety, protection and maintenance of company tools and trucks.

  • Maintain a safe and clean jobsite.

  • Miscellaneous other duties as required.


Position Requirments:

  • Minimum four years of residential painting

  • Complete understanding of all painting related skills

  • Ability to perform work according to R&R Build and Design’s quality standards

  • Good communication skills

  • The ability to read and understand construction documents

  • Neat appearance

  • Reliable vehicle

  • Commitment to a 40+ hour work week

  • Ability to perform physically demanding work on a consistent basis, including lifting 100 pounds, standing, using ladders and working in crawl spaces.

  • Valid driver’s license with good driving record

  • Smart phone with ability to use apps for time management and job tracking.


Painter I: an entry-level craftsman with a skill and experience greater than a helper or laborer but less than a Painter II. The Painter I may need direction to perform some painting skills.


Basic Tool List: **To be provided by Painter’s Apprentice

  • All Painter’s Apprentice Tools

  • Assorted Paint Brushes

  • Taping Knifes & Pan

  • Rasp

  • Paint Hook

  • Drywall Saw

  • Awl

  • Chisel Set

  • Laser Measurer

  • Brush & Roller Cleaner/Spinner

  • Coping Saw

  • Assorted Pliers

  • Assorted Picks

  • Punch Set

  • 12oz Rubber Mallet

  • Channel Locks

  • Crescent Wrench Set

  • Small Screw Driver Set

  • Stud Finder

  • File Set

Painter I Proficiency:

  • Requires trade school certificate or prior construction experience

  • Character represents R&R’s Mission Statement and Core Values

  • Able to listen and take instruction

  • Can smooth and prepare surfaces

  • Fill nail holes, cracks and joints with putty, plaster or other filler

  • Can paint surfaces using brushes, spray gun, or paint rollers, and apply paint with cloth, brush or sponge to create special effects.

  • Can stain, seal and varnish wood surfaces.

  • Graffiti removal from interior and exterior of buildings

  • Maintain inventory of tools and assist with inventory control of materials and equipment

  • Basic power tool use

  • Can install basic hardware

  • Receive and check materials

  • Can install fiberglass insulation (properly)

  • Knows how to operate a drywall lift

  • Knows basic drywall code

  • Can tape, mud & finish drywall

  • Can install caulks and sealants properly

  • Installs fire blocking Installs fire caulk

  • Can set corner bead plumb & level

  • Can install paper tape with spackle

  • Understands where to use moisture resistant drywall

  • Proper skill with chisels

  • Understands the value and the time/place to wear a tool belt

  • Can install proper drywall anchors

  • Can properly set up work stations (Dust Control, Drop Cloth, Exhaust Systems, Trash Cans)

  • Can Mask Off Material to Paint in the most efficient manor

  • Understands the importance of proper prep work

  • Understands the difference between latex and oil

  • Can order materials with minimal overage/underage.

  • Can touch up all cabinetry

  • Can adjust cabinet doors

  • Knows where and when to use all types of glues & tapes

  • Can sand and vacuum all drywall work Can properly damp wipe drywall/spackle

  • Can sweep/mop without kicking dust back up

  • Can wipe down and vacuum all vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Cleans and maintains all painting equipment, including brushes, rollers, sprayers, pumps, etc…

  • Can erect scaffolding safely

  • Not only knows how to safely set up and use a ladder, but truly understands the importance of ladder safety

  • Keeping the job neat and tight at the end of every day

  • Cleans up after each task

  • Brings back all tools to the shop clean

  • Able to lead a crew of 2 or 3 people and to create efficiency


**R&R Build and Design is an equal opportunity employer

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